Sunday, February 8, 2009

2002 Mas Igneus Priorat Barranc dels Closos

Type: Red
Producer: Mas Igneus
Variety: Red Blend
Designation: Barranc dels Closos
Country: Spain
Region: Catalunya
Appellation: Priorat

I have no idea who the guy behind the wine is, but he and the Big Wooden Guy both think you should give this a try, but be sure to decant it for a long time or cellar it for another year or two, at least.

Night One

The nose is very light, some strawberry and a little rhubarb. If you sniff deeply enough a tiny hint of nutmeg makes an appearance.

The palate opens with strawberries and sour cherries. Some leather shows up on the mid-palate. Finish is mid-length.

Night Two

The nose on Night Two had more to offer. Fruits were more full, spices more clearly identifiable. Strawberries were riper and the rhubarb deeper, joined by a bit of cranberry. Cinammon and nutmeg were more than just a hint now, they were clear and bright.

The initial attack opens with a melange of red fruit- tiny tart wild strawberries, clear little cherries, and cranberries. The fruit sweetens on the mid-palate, changing from tart wild fruit to bigger sweeter fruit stand cherries and strawberries, while keeping the underlying tartness of cranberries. Some vanilla also makes an appearance on the mid-palate. The finish is long and adds a curious after-taste, a fresh sea-side sense of oysters. Tannins are very fine grained and add leather to the finish.

This wine improved significantly from Night One to Night Two. It went from something simple and one-dimensional to something far more complex. I still would not call this great, on night Two. However, I might say the change hints of some real potential after some more time in the cellar. If you have some of this put it away for another year or two, perhaps even three. Then after you open it, come back and tell me if I was right.

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