Saturday, January 3, 2009

2006 Mosby Sangiovese

Type- Red
Producer- Mosby
Variety- Sangiovese
Country- USA
Region- California
SubRegion- North Coast
Appellation- Mendocino County
Price- $10.99

The Little Wooden Guy is disappointed. Very disappointed.

Night One

The color is brickish dull red and cloudy. The nose is pleasant, mostly cherries plus a touch of raspberry and some pepper. On the palate, though, it falls apart. The first impression is of heat, blatant alcohol. The flavors are much sharper, the cherries turning sour, the raspberries turning to unsweetened cranberries (try them some time- they are incredibly tart to the point of being bitter). Acid and fruit and tannins are an unbalanced mish-mash, fighting with each other rather than complementing each other or working together. It might come together on Night Two. Stick around and we will find out together.

Night Two

Cherries in alcohol make the nose for Night Two. There is also some pepper, and a hint of toasted pecans. Again, sour cherries and cranberries, though some vanilla is starting to make itself known. This is just out of balance and not particularly pleasant.


Unknown said...

When you twittered "little wooden guy," I thought it was a sarcastic metaphor. Hm...maybe it still is, just not quite the one I had in mind.

Nice shtik, though, I love the lwg!

Anonymous said...

I just opened a bottle of the 2003 Mosby Sangiovese. It's smooth, flavorful and has an incredible balance of fruit, spice and a hint of wood. Very nice. Maybe 2006 was a bad year, or it just needs more time in the bottle to mature.