Friday, December 12, 2008

2004 Escafeld Petit Verdot

Type- Red
Producer- Escafeld
Variety- Petit Verdot
Country- USA
Region- California
SubRegion- Central Coast
Appellation- San Antonio Valley

The Wooden Guys applaud a lovely bottle of wine. The only regret is that they don't have more. Fortunately, the Little Wooden Guy gets his allowance soon and is going to buy more.

Night One

The color is deep maroon, not quite opaque. The nose is absolutely delicious, with dark chocolate/espresso mocha, and plump juicy blackberries and blueberries. The mouth feel is silky. Tannins are sweet and very smooth, but firm, indicating plenty of cellar life is still in the bottle. Chocolate, coffee, and gobs of fruit, just big splatting juicy gobs of fruit, open the palate. Not, mind you, oak and vanilla over-worked fruit, but pure believable fruit. Some red fruit, some tart cherries and maybe half a raspberry, appear in the mid-palate. A hint of vanilla rounds out the fruit on the finish, but never overpowers. The finish is long.

This is good stuff. I can't promise there will be much left for Night Two, but I will try.

Night Two

There is still some mocha, but the nose is lighter on Night Two. It also adds some hazelnut. Lovely. It is still very silky, tannins are sweet, smooth and firm. Mocha, black fruit and blue fruit, plus the hazelnut from the nose on the mid-palate, are later joined by some maple syrup, but not overpowering, balanced. Finish is sweet and long.

This is good. I am going to buy more.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you. I had the Escafeld some months ago. Loved it! The packaging is charming as well. One of SLH's best producers. Single varieties of this grape is very difficult to find.

I'm after more myself.