Saturday, September 6, 2008

L'Aventure Optimus 2004

The Big Wooden Guy is quite pleased, not just with the wine in the bottle, but optimistic for its future, a bottle the Little Wooden Guy might enjoy for years to come.

Night One

The color is thick inky black, turning to purple only at the very edges.

Right after opening the nose is surprisingly closed, blackcurrant and herbs, but not overwhelming. Twenty minutes later and the smells are coming forward. Blackcurrant jam, plums, eucalyptus, and molasses.

Huge on the palate, jammy with just a little tobacco, followed by vanilla and oak. Big big big. Tannins were big, too, sweet and smooth, but very drying.

Night Two

Again, rather a closed nose giving out blackcurrant and some sweeter vanilla-tinged blue- and blackberries.

On the palate blackcurrants again dominate. Now, though, there is nothing green at all. Instead, it is jammy fruit, vanilla, and sweet smooth tannins. Tannins are still incredibly powerful. After the finish, after the wine is gone, an aftertaste echo offer some promise for the future, giving hints of violets and lilac.

This clearly need a lot of cellar time to integrate the wood and soften the tannins. Will the near "fruit bomb" quality ratchet down and allow the more complex florals and maybe more come through? I would guess "yes," but can't make any promises. That said, this is darned good right now and even more promising for the future.

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WestonBoys said...

Many thanks for your helpful refractions of these wines!

A minor tag note on this one: I think it's Paso Robles, not Napa.