Thursday, September 18, 2008

Goodbye Bush- I'll drink to that

What will you open on January 20, 2009? How will you celebrate the end of the Bush Era? I asked that question of wine bloggers around the world. What will you drink, and why? The answers are terrific, and recommendations and reviews are worth a look.

People picked French wines, a poke in the eye to the "Old Europe" and "Freedom Fries" kerfuffle. One particularly brilliant wag chose Chateau Maison Blanche, leaving me to shake my head and say "I wish I'd thought of that." Some people are looking only forward and hoping for sweet success, while others will take a moment to look back in contemplation and rememberance. One blogger went for a wine that mirrored Bush's Presidency ("Despite shining promises, this wine disappoints in the end."), while another picks a "mystery in a bottle," because that is really what any new President really is.

Answers came in from across America and around the world. It is a terrific round-up and I can't offer enough thanks to everybody who participated.

Cheers! Salud! L'Chaim! Prost! All I know for sure is that I am really looking forward to raising a glass to the end of the Bush Era.

Pour Favor looks forward, not back, recommending Moscato d’ Asti, because "it delivers only sweet success!"

The Wine Camp Blog will be drinking 1970 Graham's Vintage Port, looking backward and taking a "moment to remember the thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis that the Bush era has wiped from the face of the earth in our names."

One Wine Dude will be drinking Chateau Frank's Brut Champagne and being "thankful that Bush stayed in good health, so that Cheney never had a chance to try to ruin, er, I mean run the country."

Dr. Debs, at Good Wine under $20, will open a bottle of 2005 Great Whatsit Stolpman Vineyards Syrah, a wine she describes as "a mystery in a bottle," appropriate for inauguration because "every election day we're left opening Pandora's Box and facing the great unkown."

Strumerika will be drinking "The Old Man’s Blend” 2006 Groote Post from South Africa. Why? "Despite shining promises, this wine disappoints in the end. Sound familiar to you?"

Eating Leeds brings us a point of view from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, and goes to the other side of the world for a bottle of wine, De Bortoli's Willowglen Shiraz 2006. The wine was grown during one of Australia's worst droughts on record. "The issue where not only the American people but the population of the world have been let down is the environment," and this wine is a good reminder of the future we face, together.

At McDuff's Food and Wine Trail is going for the true maverick, not John McCain, with “Pleiades X Old Vines,” Sean Thackrey NV. It's good, he says, very good. "History, I expect, shall not be so kind to Mr. Bush."

2005 Feather, Long Shadow’s Winery is the choice at Through the Walla Walla Grapevine. If the election goes one way, she will be tickled pink. If it goes the other way, "because the silkiness and rich mouth feel of this particular cabernet reminds me of a favorite blanket - - my security blanket that I will need to hold onto for the next four years."

At The Inquiring Vine picked two, Shotfire Shiraz and Anton Bauer Gruner Veltliner. Why? Because "once upon a time George had a little trouble telling the difference between Australia and Austria." Well done, wine and a movie.

The Cork Dork will drink The Pommery Cuvée Louise 1989, "the best Champagne I have had in the last year," if Obama wins. If McCain wins, it will be 1792 Ridgemont Reserve Barrel Select Kentucky Bourbon. "A lot of it."

Pour More plays it a little coy, saying "if my candidate wins," without naming names. But I think you can get a little hint from the wine, Pol Roger Champagne, and the why, "thinking back on the absurd “boycott” on all things French that the Bush administration encouraged, I figured at the very least I can stick some bubbles in their eye."

Wine Case hits it out of the park with a "why didn't I think of that" selection, Château Maison Blanche, or, "Chateau White House." Really, how obvious was that? It is named for "the building and institution that, thankfully, symbolizes so much more than just the current president."

Lenndevours picked Swedish Hill Winery's 2007 Vidal Blanc. Why? "It's in a blue bottle and I live in a blue state. I tend to vote with my fellow New Yorkers too."

Anything Wine chose 2003 Pride Cabernet Sauvignon for a darned good reason- "because even though I have not been remotely happy the past two elections, I have pride in the process that as a citizen, I have the right and duty to participate in."

My Wine Info went with a French wine because the French "were one of the few countries stand up the US when it counted." The wine? Domaine du Jas Le Chevre d'Or

Luscious Lushes like Perrier-Jouët NV Brut if Obama wins. But if "McLame & Caribou Barbie win this freak show, I will be drowning my sorrows in [Glenmorangie Sherry Cask] as I drive up to the border to escape."

Gonzo Gastronomy picked a great one, Twisted Oak *%#&@!. Yes, that is the name of the wine. "The reason for choosing this wine to celebrate the end of the Bush/Cheney nightmare is because over the last eight years I have used the word Twisted Oak symbolized more than I have my entire life!"

And let me not leave out a direct Twitter from martastrickland of Recenlty Consumed, who picked Oregon A-Z rose, saying "will miss A-Z, but certainly not W."

And finally, my own pick at 2 Days per Bottle was N.V. Pierre Peters Champagne Blanc de Blancs Brut Cuvée de Réserve. It's French. It's from a small single grower, not a corporation or negociant. And I bought it from a small independent wine store in Tribeca. Yup. Everything George W. Bush could possibly hate. Of course, if McCain wins, "I might be looking for a Merlot-Hemlock blend."

Domaine 547, a wine store as well as a blog, plays it safe. Depending upon the results, they will be opening a bottle of Godmé Blanc de Noirs Champagne to celebrate, or a bottle of Whisky to drown our sorrows. Follow the link, though, and I think you can guess the preference.


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Thanks for the roundup...many good choices and even better stories...I'll have to contemplate what I will be drinking. Maybe a nice '92 of something to bring me back to those good old Clinton years...

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One more here from the Wine Negress:

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Sorry I forgot to share my friends' ideas with you in time (mostly from Australia where I live), but they are on my blog:

EXCELLENT choice of topic!

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A bunch of friends will meet and drink Hi. wines and pop up the Hi! prosecco. Who can refuse a conversation? I strongly recommend those wines...very engaging label, great value! Heard a friend will also bring Fat Bastard merlot and cheers to the winner...