Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rutini Wines Trumpeter Malbec 2007

Who: Rutini Wines
What: Malbec
Where: Argentina, Mendoza
When: 2007
How Much: $12.99 (media sample)

I held this a little longer than usual for a wine at this price point, and was rewarded with spicy black and red fruit. Elderberry, black and red raspberry, and black pepper, all with violet undertones, flowed through the glass. There is still wood, but the vanilla and touch of cedar complement, rather than overwhelm, the fruit. The finish is short, but good for the price point. Even better, at three years of age, this gem might be found in you local store's bargain bin. If it is, grab them all. Even if it isn't, at this price why not grab enough to get you through the summer? This would be a great match with burgers or steaks on the grill.


Kristy Kelley said...

Hi! I'm new to your site and I'm enjoying looking around. I like your take on reviewing wines through the second night. You bring up such a good point. There are some wines I love the next night and there are some I don't.

-- Kristy @ Wine Logic

Debbie said...

Just love all Malbecs.

Loretta Beaty @PhD Degree said...

There are wines especially made for special occasions like. Although special is very much subjective just like how people have their bet of wines. As for me, I love Malbec Wines. This is my first time to come across with this page on review of wines. It is nice to have this one as we get acquainted with the wines out there.

shoby @ tefl courses said...

I can’t imagine the wine with pepper flavor. I hope it has the unique taste for my party in this weekend.

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Mat & Dryckguiden said...

Recently found your blog. Looking forward to follow!
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