Sunday, August 24, 2008

Poliziano Rosso di Montepulciano 2005

Montepulciano, Italy
13% alcohol
Vinyl "cork"

The Little Wooden Guy is just not sure of this one. It really might be good in a few years, so he is reserving his opinion.

When first opened this was very tannic and tight.

Two or three hours later I tried it again. The nose was harsher than you would expect from 13% alcohol. Fruit, sour cherries and raspberry, could be smelled through the alcohol. There was also a strong floral aspect, lavender I would say.

On the palate all the fruit came across as stewed. There was some tobacco and flowers, but still harsh. Tannins are still overpowering and drying. The finish is short.

It will be interesting to see if this changes over night.

Night Two

On the second night the alcohol is far milder, no longer overwhelming the nose. Cherries and raspberries again, but not as tart this time. Add some black fruit to the nose as well, all very ripe, even over-ripe, and sweet. There is also sweet vanilla and oak.

On the palate, tannins are still strong and drying. Red fruit predominates, secondary flavors of tobacco and cedar join along for the ride. A bit of anise slowly grows into a background shine at the end. The wine is even-bodied, the finish moderate in length.

Based upon this two day tasting, I would say this could be very good in a few years, but really deserves time in the cellar.


Director, Lab Outreach said...

As usual, we've been staying up late at the Rational Denial Lab, thinking of weird things to do with wine. We decided we need to aim our big, fancy science cannon at open bottle storage, so we've started a few experiments that seem right up your second day alley. Curious what you do between days? Any experience with inert gas, pumps, refrigeration, etc?


dhonig said...

Great question. Usually with reds I use the Vacuu-Vin and put wine back the cellar (56 degrees). With whites I either Vacuu-Vin or re-cork and put in the refrigerator. I thought about experimenting with different closures, but could only do so with several bottles of the same wine to keep variables down. I haven't had a chance to do that yet. I do want to try inert gas, and will soon.