Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PALATE PRESS: The online wine magazine

I apologize for my absence from 2 Days per Bottle. I have been preparing to launch PALATE PRESS: The online wine magazine, and I am absolutely thrilled to announce that we launch Thursday, September 10, with an amazing lineup of stories. Here is a sneak preview of the press release, for my wonderful readers:

PALATE PRESS: The online wine magazine, the next step in the evolution of on-line wine content, is pleased to announce its launch on September 10, 2009. PALATE PRESS is the collaborative effort many of the best recognized wine voices on the internet, including American Wine Blog Award winners and twenty of the Top 100 Wine Blogs.

The Editor in Chief is W. R. Tish, known in the wine trade as simply "Tish." Tish was Editor of Wine Enthusiast Magazine for 10 years, and has been writing and speaking about wine and food--often with a comedic edge--for more than a decade since. Deb Harkness is PALATE PRESS' Wine Review Editor. A double award winner in the 2008 American Wine Blog Awards (best single-subject wine blog and best wine review blog), Deb, aka "Dr. Debs," has been seeking out and writing about Good Wine Under $20 for two years now. Two more of our Editors were American Wine Blog Award winners in 2009: Lenn Thompson for best single-subject wine blog (LENNDEVOURS) and Jeff Lefevere for best graphics (GOOD GRAPE: A Wine Blog Manifesto). And Art and Visuals Editor Hardy Wallace was recently in the news as the winner of the "Really Goode Job" created by Murphy-Goode Winery; Hardy runs a Top 100 wine blog at Dirty South Wine.

Other Editors and Contributors from the world's top 100 wine blogs include Gabriella Opaz (Catavino), Richard Auffrey (Passionate Foodie), Michelle Lentz (My Wine Education), Russ Beebe (Winehiker Witiculture), Joe Roberts (1 Wine Dude), Craig Camp (Wine Camp), Kori Voorhees (Wine Peeps), Andrew Barrow (Spittoon), Remy Charest (The Wine Case), "Sonadora" (Wannabe Wino), Ken Payton (Reign of Terroir), Tim Elliot (Wine Cast) and many more. Palate Press writers are based across the U.S., in Canada and around the world; they receive hundreds of thousands of wine-related hits every month and all of them will be contributing original content to the site. The entire staff list can be found here. Palate Press also welcomes submissions from wine writers around the internet and the world.

In terms of its position within the current wine-media scene, Editor in Chief W. R. Tish sees PALATE PRESS as a "blogazine," combining the passion of bloggers with the editorial appeal of a broad-based magazine. He adds that the capacity of readers to comment on articles adds a dynamic that makes Palate Press more like talk radio than like traditional print, and he promises: "We are not afraid of controversy. And we are not afraid to present multiple opinions on wine topics--something you rarely see in the Ivory Tower glossies. We think our approach to the wine zeitgeist will be more realistic, and in turn rewarding for readers. Palate Press is committed to covering wine intelligently, not churning out hundreds of sterile wine ratings in bloated buying guides."

Articles on PALATE PRESS will be presented via seven distinct departments, or "Pages": Feature Story; The Wine Life; Spotlight; Hot Potato; + Food; Soap Box; and, starting in October, Wine Reviews. Stories slated for the first month include a soul-searching profile of Bonny Doon's Randall Grahm; an exposé of shady shelf talkers; a surprising look at wine-label regulations; an Eisch vs. Riedel wine-glass smackdown; critical essays on how wine-evaluation systems by major U.S. critics miss the mark; a firsthand look at how the economy has impacted wine-country tourism; and in-depth articles on under-appreciated wines from Alsace to Portugal to Walla Walla.

David Honig, creator and Publisher, describes PALATE PRESS as "a logical next generation" of wine media. The hypothesis is simple: collecting the very best of the wine blogosphere and carefully editing and publishing it will create a top-quality and commercially viable online wine magazine. The experiment is well under way, preparing to launch with some of the most talented and best-known wine writers on the internet. "Clearly the expertise is out there. Bloggers communicate with authority and authenticity, demonstrating particular areas of expertise," Honig notes. "Wherever there is a wine story, there is a qualified wine blogger to write about it." And it's not just bloggers on board: Palate Press contributors include winemakers, retailers, sommeliers and professional wine writers.

If you have any questions or comments about PALATE PRESS: The online wine magazine, contact the Publisher, David Honig, by email, Twitter, or call him at (317) xxx-xxxx. Send advertising inquiries to Advertising and submissions to Submissions.


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