Friday, April 17, 2009

2007 Dr. Konstantin Frank Johannisberg Riesling Dry

Type White
Producer Dr. Konstantin Frank
Variety Johannisberg Riesling
Designation Dry
Country USA
Region New York
SubRegion Finger Lakes
Appellation Finger Lakes
Alcohol 12%
Price $19.99

The Bit Wooden Guy does the "Sun Salutation" to welcome a lovely white on the first warm day of the year.

Night One

The color is very pale but the light catches flashes of bright gold.

The nose is very soft and aromatic, starting with pears and honeysuckle, their sweetness tempered by a tiny grating of fresh lemon zest.

Mouth feel is lightly oily and smooth, a full mouth-feel. The initial attack is a bit more tart than suggested by the nose, leading with fresh-cut tangy-sweet pineapple. The mid-palate is softer and sweeter, with pears and honey. At the very end, just as it goes down, there is some nutmeg and a quick flash of Reisling-true petrol. The finish is mid-length.

Night Two

The nose opens softer than on night one, think sliced pears on a thin layer of smashed banana. Put a Ginger Snap three plates over, and you will know the smell of this wine. It is quite pleasant, actually.

The palate opens with tart half-baked apples and some starfruit. The ginger snap from a few plates down pops up on the mid-palate. A flash of petrol quickly appears and disappears at the finish, which then lingers with citrusy starfruit.

This is la lovely bottle of wine. It has just enough sweetnes to line up perfectly against spicy food, and is sunny and smooth enough to sip outside on a sunny afternoon.

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