Saturday, August 16, 2008

Amaicha Bonardo 2005

Mendoza, Argentina
13% alcohol
weird black vinyl stopper

The Big Wooden Guy thinks $5 is a great QPR for this wine.

From the bottlenotes:

In the desert of northwestern Argentina where the llamas roam and the Andes mountains rise up to meet the immense blue sky, there is a magical place, lost in time. The indigenous inhabitants of this small town live off the land and practice the traditional hand crafts that have been passed down through generations of forefathers. Here they celebrate the "Pachamama," or mother earth, who bestows on them her many precious gifts and allows them to continue their dignified and ancient way of life.

We make this wine in honor of the Pachamama, and of the inhabitants of this special place where she is most revered. The place is AMAICHA.

By purchasing this wine you will be contributing to the building of a new special school house in the town of Amaicha del Valle, Province of Tucuman, Argentina.

The Bonardo grape produces a full bodied wine overflowing with juciy berry flavours, and pairs well with red meat and game. Originiating in Italy it of course does a great job in helping down a plate of pasta.

First Night

The nose was very light and fruity, very pinot-like at first. It had cherries and strawberries, followed by anise and black pepper.

The palate was quite different from the nose, darker, with black cherries, tar and roasted nuts. The backbone was made up of more acid than tannin, though tannins were evident, soft, with a bit of leather. The finish was short.

Second Night

Much jammier on night two, blueberry and elderberry, plus some vanilla and black pepper.

The palate was also different, softer and richer, black cherries, blackberries and nutmeg. It also seemed slightly more tannic on Night Two, though acid still drives this fresh red.

This has a great QPR. It cost me $5 at Trader Joe's and did not actually offend. in fact, it was pretty good.

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J. Silverheels Gray said...

I'm glad you reviewed this! It's one of my favorite inexpensive wines.